Fortnite’s 5th Birthday Event – Season 3 Chapter 4

Fortnite's 5th Birthday Event 2022

Fortnite’s 5th Birthday Event is here, and the party has started already!  Fortnite’s Official Birthday is actually 26th September 2017, making this the 5th amazing year’s of Fortnite Battle Royales

The Fortnite Birthday Event kicks off on the 23rd with 3 great new quests, items and tasks today on the island. Epic are also running an event to celebrate, it involves taking in-game Birthday Fortography

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This year’s Fortnite Birthday Quests involve 3 new items, pretty easy to pick up and they look cool! We will only get a few days to complete these quests so get on it if you want the items as they may not return, not until next year at least!

What time is Fortnite’s 5th Birthday Event?

The 2022 Birthday event will start on the 23rd September and run until 27th, both starting and ending at 9:00am Eastern Time or 14:00 UTC

What are the 3 Birthday Quests in Fortnite?

We see 3 quests for this year’s 2022 Birthday event, be quick, you only have 4 days to complete these quests. These special birthday items may never return

  • Fuzzfetti Cake Back Bling – Consume Birthday Cake in different matches
  • Sparklecake Emoticon – Throw Birthday Presents
  • Celebratory Slice Pickaxe – Use Balloons in a single match
Fortnite Birthday Quests 2022
Fortnite Birthday Quests 2022

How do you get Fortnite 5th Birthday Rewards?

To get the 3 Quest rewards this year, you will need to complete the 3 Quests shown above, these are:

  • Consume Birthday Cake in different matches
    • Cake slices can be found around the Huge Birthday cake you will find in all the major locations
  • Throw Birthday Presents
    • Find 5 presents and throw them to pop a huge present
  • Use Balloons in a single match
    • Find some balloons on the ground, use them 5 times to float into the air in one match
Fortnite Birthday Cake & Presents 2022
Fortnite Birthday Cake & Presents 2022

Opening a Fortnite Birthday Event Present

Once you have found a present and thrown it to the ground it will pop-up into a massive present, now it’s time to open it. Use your harvesting tool or a weapon to break down one side of the present, inside you will find the goodies!

Fortnite Birthday Present 2022
Fortnite Birthday Present 2022

Where are the Birthday Cake’s Locations in Fortnite 5th birthday Event

All the cake is located at the base of the Huge Birthday Cake (Picture above) located at all the major landmarks. You can’t pick up the cake, so you have to eat some at the Birthday Cake location itself.  You can also only eat cake if you do not have full health, standing in the storm while eating cake is a good way to complete this style of quest.

You will also have to do this in 5 different matches to qualify for the Fuzzfetti Cake Back Bling.


Chonkers Speedway
Cloudy Condos
Coney Crossroads
Fort Jonesy
Greasy Grove
Herald's Sanctum
LogJam Junction
Lustrous Lagoon
Rave Cave
Reality Falls
Rocky Reals
Shifty Shafts
Shimmering Shrine
Sleep Sound
Synapse Station
Tilted Towers


Fortnite Pizza Party

A Birthday is not complete without making it a Pizza Party! Around the island you will find just that. Pizza Party Boxes just lying about waiting to be eaten. Pick them up, throw them back down onto the ground to open the box and enjoy some pizza slices. If your too full and at max health, take some slices for later when you maybe a bit hungrier, like after taking a sniper round in the chest!

Fortnite Birthday Pizza Party 2022Fortnite Birthday Pizza Party 2022

Fortnite Birthday Event Battle Bus

The Bus is looking great and ready for a party rather than a battle. The song it now plays is an odd version of Happy Birthday, its a bit creepy if you ask me.

Fortnite Birthday Battlebus 2022
Fortnite Birthday Battlebus 2022

Some other Fortnite Quests to help you get Cracked

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