Search Produce Boxes – Chapter 4 Season 2

Search Produce Boxes often come up as a daily quest and so it’s a good idea to know what to look out for and where.

Search Produce Boxes
Search Produce Boxes

Fortnite Produce Boxes are a simple carboard box design often found on table tops or shelving units. You will get between 100-300 XP for opening one, so it’s well worth doing if you’re in need to XP and are passing one. Fortnite Produce Boxes are pretty plentiful throughout the island and can be found at:

  • Garage Stations
  • Shops
  • Bars
  • Cafe’s
  • Outside at Picnic Areas and on Benches

What are Fortnite Produce Boxes?

Fortnite Produce Boxes are your standard supermarket or local grocery style box’s that your fruit and veg would be delivered to the store in. If you are buying for a large family you may buy a whole box for the week but normally you would select a few items from the main box and put in your basket for you to take home.

What do Fortnite Produce Boxes look like?

A Fortnite Produce Box is normally brown (cardboard colour) and Green, with some cute vegetable characters on the side.

Fortnite Produce Boxes
Fortnite Produce Boxes

What is in a Fortnite Produce Boxes

Inside a Fortnite Produce Box you will find all sorts of goodies to restore your health and shields. These boxes are also needed for the restore health and shields quests. Inside the Produce Box you will find:

Pics of all fruit veg

ItemRestore TypeAmountSeconds to ConsumeStack AmountExtra Effect
CoconutHealth then Shields516
PepperHealth51Post below60 Seconds Run Boost

How to Search Produce Boxes in Fortnite

Just like any other items you interact with in Fortnite, click your USE keybind to open them and check the contents

Restore Health and Shields from Produce Boxes

Once you have collected the fruit and veg from either gathering or from a Fortnite Produce Box they are ready to consume. With the inventory slot holding your fruit or veg highlighted click your left mouse button or Use button to consume the food. Do not move while consuming or it will cancel.

Different food will take different amount of time to consume and return different health or shield points. Normally the longer the consume the more return.

How to Harvest Fruits and Vegetables in Fortnite

Fruits and Veg found in a Fortnite Produce Box can be collected and will go straight to your inventory. If you find Fruit and Veg in the ground, as in they are still planted, then you can either consume them right away without going to your inventory or you can gather them and they will stack up in your inventory to eat later.

Both options of eat now or eat later and different actions.  Eat now is normally Left Click or Use and gather to eat later is F

How to Consume Fruits and Vegetables in Fortnite

This may seem obvious but I have seen players eat them one item at a time, wait a few seconds, then eat another item and wait again, you don’t need to do all this waiting! But don’t eat too many at a time as the heath bar takes 1-2 seconds to update and so you can over eat and waste your food.

Check what food you have collected; look how many HP or Shields you are short and click the item that best suits what you need.

Example: You’re at 80 Health and 50 Shields. You have Cabbage and Coconut in your inventory, what do you do?

You don’t eat the coconut first as this restores Health and Shields, its best use this for shields
Eat 2 cabbage, click click and wait for health to restore
Eat the Coconuts you have to restore as much of the 50 shields you can, click click click until gone.

This is a much faster method of restore health and shields via fresh Produce Boxes

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