Anarchy Online – Voice Commands

In-game voices – Only Available to Anarchy Online: The Notum Wars

SettingsThe settings for in-game voices are found under Options (F10) – Audio. Here you can
Turn voices on and off
Adjust the volume they will play at
Select your voice type (can also be done by chat commands)
Select which in-game channels to play voices for
Playing the voicesTo play a voice, type
/voice (sound)
in the chat, where ( sound ) is the sound you want to play. The sounds available by default are:
E.g. to request help, type
/voice help
When a voice command is written, a text is also displayed in the selected channel to everybody who has the channel open, no matter whether they can hear the voice played or not.
Hearing in-game voicesTo hear the in-game voices you need to have
The Notum Wars enabled
Voices turned on
The channel the voice is played in turned on
The option to hear in-game voices in that channel enabled
A corresponding file for the voice (more about this under "customising" below)
Voice typesThere are 7 breed & sex combinations:
Solitus male
Solitus female
Opifex male
Opifex female
Nanomage male
Nanomage female
For each breed & sex combination there are 4 voice types:
To switch to another voice type, type
/voicetype (type)
in the chat, where (type) is the wanted voice type, or use the "Your voice" slider in the voice settings.
Macros and scriptsAll chat commands can be used in macros and scripts, including /voice and /voicetype. This means you can make macros and scripts including these commands.
A simple macro button for requesting help is created by typing
/macro Help /voice help
in the chat, and placing the text button that appears on your mouse pointer on the hot-key bar.
To script a voice command with other chat commands, add the commands in your script. Note that each voice already comes with a text file with output to the chat (for everybody to see) when the voice is played.
CustomisingBefore starting to play around with the voice files, you might want to back up your voices folder, just in case you want to restore the original voice files without reinstalling.
The voice files, and their corresponding text files, can be found in this folder: \Anarchy Online\cd_image\sound\sfx\player
When given a /voice command, the client checks for an appropriate text file with a corresponding .wav file to play. The first file found that is appropriate gets played, and the check order is (if you type "/voice myloot")
Character specific file (e.g. "charname_myloot_01.txt" and "charname_myloot_01.wav")
Style specific file (e.g. "solitus_male_cool_myloot_01.txt" and "solitus_male_cool_myloot_01.wav")
Breed & sex specific file (e.g. "solitus_male_myloot_01.txt" and "solitus_male_myloot_01.wav")
Sex specific file (e.g. "male_myloot_01.txt" and "male_myloot_01.wav")
Basic file (e.g. "myloot_01.txt" and "myloot_01.wav")
Note that this means if you want to play a less specific version of an existing file, you need to remove the more specific one. E.g. if you want to play your own "help_01.wav" file no matter who shouts for help, you need to have a file named "help_01.txt" in the folder, and remove all other files ending with "help_01.txt". If you want your "help_01.wav" file played only for male characters (but for all male characters) you need to remove all files ending with "male_style_help_01.txt" (and any character specific "_help_01.txt" files).

Anarchy Online – Voice Commands

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