Dark Age of Camelot – General Command

General Command

/bonusDisplays the bonuses window
/directionReturns the character's directional positioning
/freelevelReports the current free level status for your character.
/freelevel declineWill allow you to decline your free level. If you decline, your free level is completely discarded, and you will have to level again and wait for the next free level period.
/friendsLists friends currently online
/ignoreLists people currently on your ignore list
/locReports the character's current location
/master #Jumps to a specific trial # in the Master Level window
/newsUsed to bring up the Server News Window.
/playedReports the total played time of the currently logged-in character
/realmOpens the realm status window detailing the ownership of keeps
/relicOpens the realm status window detailing the ownership of relics
/taskReturns the current task's information
/timeReports the current in-game time
/where [NPC Name]Locates NPCs, not players, and only with a guard/sentinal type targeted
/who [playername] | [class] | [# level] | [location] | [##] [##] level range | CGReports the names of specified players in the given search field (players, class, level, location, or level range.

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