WoW Group Commands – 35 Essential World of Warcraft Group Commands

Everyone playing World of WarCraft needs to know how to group and use the WoW Group Commands.  Playing solo is still great fun and sometimes i do enjoy some down time and go solo a low level dungeon or zone on my own, its peaceful. But to really progress and see all the content and get all the best lewt in WoW you should be grouping

WoW Raid Commands overlap a little and you can use the group commands in raids. This makes grouping and utilising all the commands great practice for when you run raids later on.

How to Start/make/Create a WoW Group

If you are a group leader, you will be the player starting the group (or raid) and so need to know WoW group Commands. You start by inviting people into your group by targeting them and using the /invite command. Or use /invite [Player name]  this is useful if the player is not in range or even in the same zone.

Try and balance your group with the approprate classes for the adventure that is waiting for you. Blizzard have done a good job in class balancing and so there are so many combinations of groups to setup. I dont anyone can say one class or group is better that another, they all fit soemwhere.

Saying that, there is no point in having 3 restoration druids, a cleric and 1 tank. This may work for casual gaming but for real hardcore XPing and dungeon clearing the best group i have found is something like this, mileage may vary:

  • Tank – Warrior or Pally
  • Puller – Ranger due to Feign Death spell.  2nd Tank can also work if Rangers are busy. Also DPS
  • Main Healer – Holy Priest for buffs, Heals, Damage mitigation. Healing Main Tank
  • Off Healer – Resto Druid for buffs, damage shields, Evac. Healing MA and group members and their pets
  • DPS – Any DPS class that wants to come along

This is not everyones ideal setup but after 20 years or crawling dungeons in EverQuest and WoW this seems to work for most of them.

Now you have your group together you can start to assign the roles.  Set Main Assist using /ma and the Main Tank as /mt. This will help group members identify who is doing what and also alow the use of the asisst commands.   These are very powerful WoW Group Commands and can really help the group become extreamly afficeint at clearing mobs…

Target markers can also be used to let the group know what mobs are coming next and to be ready. This would be the role of the Main assist. I have found it best for only the Main Tank to use the Main assist for targets and the rest of the group to use the Main Tanks target to assist. This way the rest fo the group will not pick up agro from a mob that the Main Tank has not engaged yet.

The Fair Way to Split Loot – Need Before Greed

You can also set the loot rotation, i have found the best is just auto split all coin eveningly to the group and a “need before greed” policey on items.  Need before greed is when an item drops and the player with the worst currently equipped item for that slot will receive the newly dropped item.

Often the easyest way to decide this is for anyone wanting the new item links their current item in chat and everyone votes on who gets it. Need before Greed relies on trust a lot but will see a group of players or a guild progress much faster that one that is made of greedy players are are only getting a few points in stat increases over someone that will get a huge upgrade.

These rules are not in stone and if a guild is kitting out a Main Tank then the rules may not apply.

If you find 2 players with equally bad gear then as the last selection process is only fair by way of  “random 100”  where by using the comamnd “/random 1 100”  2+ players essentially roll a D100 dice for the item, winner take the item. This does mean though on the next drop for that same slot, the lossing players will get an upgrade.

If you are in a “pick up group” then it maybe best to use the random 100 way. What ever you decide on make sure the group knows the rules before leet starts dropping!

WoW Group Commands

Here are all the WoW Group Commands arranged by action. Some actions have 2,3 or 4 commands that do the same job, just pick what suites you.

Clears the current Main Assist
Clears the current Main Tank
Clears world markers
/ffaSets loot to Free for All
/groupSets loot to Group Loot
Invites a player to your party or raid
Sets Main Assist
Sets Main Tank
/masterSets loot to master loot
/needbeforegreedSets Loot to Need before Greed
Promotes player to party/raid leader
/raidinfoShows the instances you are saved too and instance ID
/readycheckAsk the group or raid if they are ready
/roundrobinSets loots to round robin
/startattackStarts Melee Attack.
Sets or clears current target marker
/thresholdSets loot threshold to apply loot rules
Removed player from party or raid
Allows placement for world markers


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