Anarchy Online

Anarchy Online was one of, if not the first Si-Fi MMORPG.  With a TEEN rating for blood and violence, you can choose from 14 Character classes, various classes and trades.  Its been around since 2001 and has a similar look and feel to the games released around the same time. The graphics look a bit dated in 2020 but some of the older MMORPG have the best content so this is not to be over looked.

The GUI system is pretty much the same as EverQuest  and World of Warcraft so it is easy to get into if you have played them. It has the same style menus that you can run everything from Chat Commands and Keyboard Commands to the harder to set up Voice Commands.

Once you get past the low quality graphics and actually become used to them, you don’t really notice them anymore. These game are all about the community and having fun!

The levelling system does follow that of EverQuest but instead has a system similar to Eve Online where you add XP points to the area you wish to focus in and that in-turn adds to a sub skill below it.  The combat system for me was poor and seem like you are just on auto attack mode the whole time, this may develop at high levels but at low level its either you win, die or run away.

Download Free to Play via the Steam Portal: Anarchy Online

Download Anarchy Online, now Free to Play in 2020

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