Ultima Online – Short Cut Hot keys

Short Cut Hot keys

Alt + CToggles between war and peace mode
Alt + EnterDisplays Ultimate Online either full screen or window view
Alt + F4Exit game
Alt + KDisplays the skill screen
Alt + ODisplay's the option menu
Alt + PDisplays the character screen
Alt + RDisplays the radar view. Pressing it twice will make it larger
Alt + SDisplays the status screen
Ctrl + Q - Repeats last typed text (speech or action.)Repeats last typed text (speech or action)
Double-left clickOn an object to use, open or close it, on other player, animal, or monster to: attack (in war mode), bring up status (in peace mode), on self to bring up character screen
Double-right clickAutomatically move the character in that location
EscCloses all windows
Left-clickOn an item to get info, hold and drag item to move or pick up, drag on self, other player, animal or monster to bring up status bar
Right-click and holdTo move in the direction of the mouse cursor
TabToggles between war and peace mode
Type text need then enterTo talk