About the Games I Play

The information on this site was collected via my personal online play of games such as EverQuest and World of WarCraft and with the help of resources found across the web and in-game. I have been a keen gamer over the years with active characters in lots of games but mainly MMORPG

I found many resources on the internet either hard to find or could be presented in a quicker to read layout, so thats why i have built this site. It was created initially just for my Guild but have grown larger over the years and hosting costs have spiralled.

You may have seen me:

EverQuest on TallonZek as Danne (Druid) and Lovesit (Warrior)

EverQuest 2 on ****  as Danne (Druid) and Lovesit (Warrior)

World of WarCraft on **** as Danne (Druid) and Lovesit (Paladin)

Hmmmm Bit of a theme going on

Currently also on Steam and looking to play some new titles soon

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