Other Great Online Games

Online games are a must these days and are everywhere, if the game is not MMO or at least have the function for you to start a closed multiplayer game with close friends then i wont play it.  Multiplayer games are a total must these days and game titles that do not have online options are surely doomed to fail before they start no matter how good they are.

There are so many titles to choose and an even bigger list of free online games these days, you can just create an account on steam and start downloading Free Games.  Not all games require the need to have huge lists of console commands, chat commands or scripts to play them.  They just need a OK graphics, ability to join your friends and above all a great idea. Its that idea that remains with you years after you stop playing, the games graphics don’t make a game live well past its sell by date, only a great game will do that.  The feeling you get when someone recites the story of when you all cleared a dungeon for the first time, or conquered a boss mob or completed an Epic Quest or beat that unbeatable team for the first time. Its those things that make a good game a truly great game.


My Great Online Games

Ragnarok Online

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