All Rocket League Octane Fortnite Locations – Chapter 3 Season 4

Hi-Octane Fortnite fun is here with the introduction of a new vehicle into Fortnite’s line up

The Rocket League Octane Car has been added to Fortnite and it’s an absolute blast. I never really played Rocket League as I am not a big football fan but this may change my mind.

One issue I had when first jumping in an Octane was, I couldn’t drive forward, I found out after the match that the forward key is not mapped as default, very odd. Make sure you head to the Fortnite Keybinds and update the keybind under the vehicle Octane section

What is an Octane in Fortnite?

The Octane car has travelled over from Epics Rocket League and is a game where soccer (AKA FootBall) meets fast cars. Its soccer rules but while driving a very fast car that can defy gravity

The car is also very light, turns corners like its on rails but only has 450 HP so wont take much for someone to shoot you down.

Rocket League Octane Fortnite Car
Rocket League Octane Fortnite Car

Is the Rocket League car in Fortnite?

Yes, as of the Fortnite Patch v22.40 the Rocket League car has been added to Fortnite. So we now have a Fortnite Rocket League Car that you can scream about in doing jumps, driving up walls and doing stunts

Octane Fortnite Locations Map

Here are all the current locations you will find an Octane parked at.

Rocket League Octane Fortnite Locations
Rocket League Octane Fortnite Locations

Where are Octane’s in Fortnite?

Check the map above for the Octane Locations, here is a brief description on where to find them

  • Chromejam Junction – North Side of the Camp
  • Shiny Sound – Under one of the floating platforms
  • Chrome Crossroads – Just South
  • Tainted Towers – In the centre
  • Statue – On the beach
  • Reality Tree – South West of the Tree on a floating platforms
  • Greasy Grove – North West Corner
  • Rocky Reels – North side
  • Chonker’s Speedway – Start Line
  • Cloudy Condos – North West side

Can I Chrome an Octane in Fortnite

For the ultimate Octane, add a dash of Chrome Splash to it to give your car some regeneration properties. This will help recover from those huge jumps and crazy stunts.

Rocket League Octane Fortnite Car - Chromed
Rocket League Octane Fortnite Car – Chromed

Can I put Off-Road Tires and Cow Catcher on a Octane?

Alas, not! The tires are kind of big anyway and there is nowhere to attach the Cow Catcher too, sad days.

The tires just make a pile next to the car and the Cow Catcher just bounces off.

Octane Fortnite Car Upgrades
Octane Fortnite Car Upgrades

Other Important Fortnite Map Locations

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