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Mortgage Calculator – During my down time from playing online games I have to run a house hold and do all the normal things a home owner in the UK does. One of these things is arranging a Mortgage to buy a property. Sometime it can be a bit confusing and so i use online sites like to get an over view of what payments over the years maybe.

When I do this, I try and get the kids involved to help learn about the world of finance and so when I discovered some of the games on this site, are actually targeted at kids to help them learn I was eager to get them playing.

Here are some of the games that the kids really liked.

Bitcoin Tap Tap Mine

Bitcoin Tap Tap Mine helps understand a little bit about how Bitcoin mining works and things like return on investment and reinvesting profits to make more profit. It’s not overly complicated and so helps anyone new to BTC mining or even the concepts of reinvesting some of your profits in your setup to make more money. I mined on my gaming rigs GPU for a while so this game is pretty close to what it’s really like when mining.

I was able to save up some BTC, then buy a better GPU to make some more BTC and then another and another, just like in this game.

Bitcoin Tap Tap Mine
Bitcoin Tap Tap Mine


Stocks, I found this one pretty fun and a bit too enjoyable, reminded me of the time I spent trading Brent. After a few game days they started to understand the buy low sell high format to be able to make some money. Then as they progressed into the game the ability to make more money if you can invest fast enough, but watch out you don’t have too many bags when the price dumps.

MortgageCalculator - Stocks
MortgageCalculator – Stocks

Real Estate Tycoon

Real Estate Tycoon finds you playing an investor that is buying and selling property. This ties nicely in with the Mortgage Calculator and really gets the kids understanding the price of houses can go up as well as down. They found the game challenging but enough to keep trying to get to the ever-increasing mission targets.

Mortgage Calculator - Real Estate Tycoon
Mortgage Calculator – Real Estate Tycoon

Mortgage Calculator

This site is well worth getting the kids involved in and get them to try some of the game. I am sure they will learn something about real world finances on this site and how things work.

So far, they have over 50 games on the site, with all sorts of themes from Pizzerias, Flower shops too Coding and Developers. There will be something for everyone but with the idea of learning something new about the world of finance.

I particularly liked We Bare Bears Develobears as this really appealed to my dream of being a coder creating computer games!

Keep checking back on for new games they may add from tiem to time.